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Be a Rule Breaker

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun." --Katherine Hepburn
From years of coaching, I've noticed that we all have our own set of rules that we've made up for ourselves. Some of them serve us well and some of them really need to be questioned-or even broken.
For instance, I have a rule that says I must pick up litter when I see it. For some reason, I just can't walk by a piece of trash. That rule serves me just fine-it's easy enough to follow and the Earth is better off because of it.
On the other hand, I have another rule for myself that says I need to finish all of my work before I can do the things I want to do. This translates into day after day of lots of work and not much play. Apparently I'm a slow learner because I've been following this rule for years, not catching on to the fact that I will never finish all of my work and that I'm the only one responsible for that.

This week, notice the rules you've made up for yourself and, if you find one that deserves to be questioned, I urge you to bend or maybe even break it.

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