College selection

  • Initial questionnaire and assessments (student and parent) to learn more about interests, skills, motivation
  • Identification of extracurricular activities and summer enrichment activities plus tracking worksheets
  • Evaluation of high school curriculum compared to college requirements
  • College criteria discovery to identify search parameters for schools that will be a match
  • Personalized timelines, master calendar and checklists to manage the search and application process

Tests and application materials

  • Standardized test selection, timing and preparation resources
  • Tips and best practices for standardized tests, applications, essay development and interviews
  • Essay brainstorming, strategies and review
  • Guidance in application preparation and package review
  • Interview and campus visit preparation

Transition coaching

  • Coaching for students as they transition to the very different lifestyle of college
  • Support and resources as students begin to think about transitioning to life beyond college