Making Time for Your Life

Are there things that you’d like to do but you never get to them? Continuing to tell yourself that you don’t have time for things that are important to you is the equivalent of living your life halfway.

In less than one hour a week, you can begin to clear the way toward more of what you want. And believe me, once you see how small changes can make a big impact, you’ll want to keep it up.

We'll start with a brief telephone call to jump start our work together. Then, each week, I’ll send you an email along with an exercise to complete. Do the work on your own time and email it back to me. I’ll give you personalized feedback based on what you’ve told me and I’m always available for questions along the way.

Making time for your life. Now, doesn’t that make sense? 4 weeks of e-coaching for $99. You are worth it.

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