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In my mid 20’s, I am faced with new challenges including managing my money, my career, my future education options, my personal life and most importantly making sure I remember to take some breathing time for myself. All of these new responsibilities are very confusing and frustrating but with Erin’s help I have been able to organize my thoughts, execute my decisions and learn how to balance my life.  Coaching has led me to make my well being a priority and in the process I’ve accomplished some goals and created new challenges. Life can become very overwhelming but with life coaching you are guided with a personalized touch built around your needs. 


When Erin first started coaching me, I was completely lost.  I had decided not to go back to my college in Florida, and I was living at my parent’s house, working in retail.  I was very unhappy. I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but I didn't quite know how to do it.  It seemed as if something was always getting in the way.  Coaching changed all that.  Through our sessions I was able to learn what my own strengths and weaknesses were: what pushed me to move forward, and what held me back.  Erin taught me to look ahead at the bigger picture, and guided me to comprehend that it was possible to reach my goals sooner rather than later.  Today I am living in my own apartment and attending an acting studio in New York City. I know I couldn't have done all that without the support I had from coaching. I needed someone to believe in me, and Erin provided that, but more importantly she provided the guidance that led me to believe in myself. I learned how to achieve my goals, rather than just dream about them. 


During this last year, I came to a crossroad regarding my career and really my life as a whole.  Because of a recent divorce, I was scared to face another big change.  What relief I felt when, through coaching, I was able to make a difficult choice without feeling like my world might come crashing down on me because of it.  Erin helped me realize that I can make a choice and not have that be the end of it.  Down the road, I get to choose again.  And then again.  Before that, I was stuck.  The freedom I received by choosing something, anything, put a stop to my constant self doubt and opened up a whole new chapter for me.  The safe and non-judgmental environment helped me open myself to calculated risk which then enabled me to see the possibilities ahead. 


Life throws you curve balls each day. Erin helps you choose to hit them or not. Erin listens and provides valuable insight. She carefully asks questions that create self evaluation. She challenges you with goals that aid in personal development. She reminds you to dream and to have fun. She does all this to remind you of who you are. Erin empowers you to choose your curve ball style.